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和记误乐app下载|和记手机客户端|和记app点击下载, founded in 1990, is a brand dedicated to the application of high pressure water jet market, with the intellectual crystallization of the field for nearly twenty years. Self accumulation and rolling development have created a new mode for the development of high pressure pump industry in China.

The series high pressure pumps produced by the company are high pressure hydroelectric equipment commonly used in modern industry. They are widely used in coal, mine, metallurgy, phosphorus removal, high pressure water jet cleaning, railway, basic engineering, ship cleaning and rust removal, construction, automobile and petrochemical, transportation, water conservancy and hydropower, national defense, municipal sanitation and various kinds of rubber pipes. Metal pipe, oil well drilling equipment, pressure testing pump and so on.

    Main products: high pressure pump, high pressure cleaning machine, ultra high pressure cleaning machine, high-power high pressure pump group, high pressure pump automation complete system, pipe dredger, descaling system, high pressure oil injection machine, pressure test system, various high pressure water actuators, dry ice cleaning machine sales. All kinds of high pressure cleaning machines for civil and industrial use, high pressure water cleaning construction services, dry ice cleaning services in municipal, power, chemical, petroleum and other industries.   

和记误乐app下载|和记手机客户端|和记app点击下载 in a cross-border, cross-cultural, cross - time, cross - technical background, both sides of China and foreign countries, sincere cooperation and pioneering, with strong strength and outstanding performance, China's "national high pressure pump industry research base". In 2006, it fully co operated with JETECH, and signed a letter of intent for future strategic cooperation in Michigan at the end of 2007. To this end, the Chinese high pressure pump industry "closed door" low level of hovering history, opening up the use of foreign capital, the introduction of high-end technology, the road to speed up the development. The success of Tianjin Tong Jie high pressure pump manufacturing Co., Ltd will greatly promote the development of China's high pressure water jet field.

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The products are widely used in the fields of high pressure water jet cleaning and cutting in various industries. Users cover all walks of life, such as national defense, marine platform, rail transportation, construction, automobile and petrochemical, wind power generation. Under the efforts of the Singapore Branch, it is also exported to Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Including the big ethylene, nuclear power plant, Huaneng, Guodian, Shenhua and other users alike.
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