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First use
  1) Before using the plunger pump for the first time, please read the instruction manual carefully. It contains very important installation, use and safety instructions of the pump.
  2) If you fail to comply with these instructions, we will not be held responsible for any problems with the plunger pump.
  3) Please strictly install, use and maintain according to the contents of the instruction manual.
  4) It is strictly prohibited to operate the piston pump without the presence of staff.
  5) When the plunger pump is running, the staff must not move near the moving part, nor can he disassemble any part when the pump is running.
  6) Plunger pump does not allow overload operation, and even does not allow water to run idle.
  7) The lubricating oil is used in the crankcase of the plunger pump. Please inject according to the specified number and quantity; strictly prohibit the use of new oil, old oil and different brands of lubricating oil in order to avoid reducing the oil performance.
  8) It is strictly prohibited to operate in the water supply pipeline without filter. The service life of the pump will be affected by a large number of solid particles in the name water.
Time of use
  1) When the plunger pump is running, the operator must not move near the moving part, nor can he disassemble any part when the pump is running.
  2) High pressure pipeline actuator should be far away from operator so as not to cause bodily injury.
  3) Check the tightness of water inlet and drain line regularly, for example, if there is air in the pipeline, evacuate immediately, so as not to cause vibration of pipeline and equipment.
  4) When the plunger pump oil level is too low, the water supply is insufficient and the pump has abnormal noise, it should stop and check in time.
  5)When the pump is running, check whether the steering of the pump is correct, must be consistent with the direction sign to open the pump.
  6)When the pump is running, the temperature of the lubricating oil must not be greater than 70 degrees C, and the temperature of the bearing parts on both sides of the box should not be greater than 55 degrees C.
At the end of use
  1) The piston pump should gradually reduce the working pressure before parking and make it stop under the condition of empty load.
  2) When the ambient temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, if the pump stops for a long time, the residual medium in the pump must be discharged to prevent frost cracking.
When a failure occurs
  1) It is not allowed to wash the parts of the pump with corrosive detergent.
  2) In case of major failure, the motor shall be stopped immediately.
  When the fire danger occurs outside, this pump can be used for fire fighting.

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